Two new restaurants open in Minneapolis

Minneapolis restaurants that opened last year have been named “Top 10” in the 2017 “Best of Minneapolis” competition.

The “Top Ten” list was compiled by Minneapolis restaurant publication Eater and includes restaurants from the city’s diverse dining scene.

The competition is meant to showcase new, locally-sourced offerings and features a prize for the “Best Minnesota Food”.

The list includes six Minneapolis restaurants: Dining With Me, Moo, Moxie’s, The Barbecue, The Black Duck and The Bier.

Eater and Eater Minnesota named the winners, and the Top Ten is ranked as follows:The Barbecue: $8.75-$8.99The Black Duck: $9.99-$9.75The Bier: $10.99-12.99Moxie and the Bitch: $13.99–15.99Bistro Le Chocolat: $17.99.

A full list of the Top 10 is here:Eater also named the “Top Five” restaurants in Minneapolis, and included two in the list: The Black Bird and Moxies Dining Room.

The Black Bird opened in August 2017 and serves a variety of French-style comfort food, including grilled salmon, pork chops, ham, smoked duck and roasted beetroot with maple syrup.

It’s a popular spot for dining in the city, according to Eater, and serves as a home base for Moxys cooking.

Moxies also serves traditional French cuisine and serves salads, burgers and sandwiches at its new restaurant, Mooties, which is a two-story space in the former Bluebird Restaurant space on the southwest corner of University Avenue and Nicollet Mall.

The restaurant offers a mix of traditional and contemporary French cuisine, with a rotating menu featuring sandwiches, soups, salads and sandwiches.

Mooties is also the home base of Moxes Dining Rooms, a restaurant that offers a selection of classic comfort foods and a “sport” menu featuring a number of indoor and outdoor sporting events.

Moo is located in the old Bluebird Building on Nicollet Street, and is also Moxy’s Dining room.

It opened in July 2017 and has expanded since.

The menu features seasonal items, such as pumpkin spice shrimp, mac and cheese, grilled salmon and more.

Moo also offers a variety for a variety price point.

Mow and the Duck are both new Minneapolis restaurants, opened last August and October respectively.

Both have been serving comfort food and are popular in the downtown Minneapolis dining scene and on the weekends.

Mowell and the duck, the former Moxieland, opened in May 2018 and have expanded since, including a patio with an outdoor seating area and a bar, plus an upstairs seating area with a bar.

Mow also has an indoor patio and an outdoor dining area.

Moody’s, the new Bierbier, opened at the corner of Nicollet and Nicollette Mall last August.

It serves an upscale French-inspired menu, and a selection from around the world.

The restaurant also has a rooftop bar and outdoor seating.

Dining with Me is located at the northeast corner of Pine and Nicolell, and features two floors of space.

The décor is modern, featuring vintage wood and stainless steel and a mix, with American and Belgian influences.

Dining with M is more traditional, featuring French-themed items.

Moomi’s Diner, which opened in October 2017, has expanded the menu and menu offerings, adding a bar and an indoor dining area with two indoor tables and two outdoor seating areas.

Moos Dining rooms and Moomi have expanded their menus, adding grilled fish and vegetables, baked potato and other options.

Moss, a new restaurant in the same building, opened on the south side of Nicollette in April 2018.

Moss serves a traditional menu of French cuisine with a selection that includes grilled fish, burgers, sandwiches and salads.

The new restaurant is the home of Moo’s Diners, which has expanded its menu and offerings.

Moe, a newly opened restaurant in a renovated former Blue Bird building, has been serving a modern French menu, including salads and soups.

The space has a spacious outdoor dining room, a patio, and an upstairs bar and patio.

Mauve, a small restaurant in North Park, opened with a focus on the Mediterranean, and expanded the Mediterranean menu to include dishes that include seafood, salads, sandwiches, and entrees.

The food is served in a French-styled, rustic space with an indoor seating area.

Moomies Diner is a modern, contemporary restaurant with a Mediterranean menu, a rooftop patio and a patio.

Dine Out is a new addition to the area on Nicollette, with three different seating areas and an open kitchen.

Dinah is a traditional Minneapolis restaurant, which serves traditional comfort food from around Minnesota.

Dine Out offers a Mediterranean-inspired dining experience.

The location offers an outdoor patio, a