Ramen restaurant opens at 11am on the second floor

Restaurant Ramen has opened at 11 am on the 2nd floor of the new West Village eatery, and you’ll be able to enjoy a breakfast ramen as early as 11am.

The restaurant, which has already attracted plenty of attention from the media, will feature a selection of ramen dishes including ramen katsu, and there will be a bar offering a selection from the cafe menu, as well as cocktails.

Ramen kamachi ramen, which is a combination of katsu and pork, will be served with fried egg, and a variety of soups, as will ramen mochi, ramen rice, raman ramen and ramen bibimbap.

The new restaurant is scheduled to open in the summer, and it’s expected to be open until the end of 2019.

The space will be owned by Tokyo-based ramen manufacturer, Sushi Noodle, and will include a small but well-equipped bar.

In the past, the restaurant has been the home of raman noodles and raman katsu ramen.

The ramen noodle shop will also be open from 11am until midnight.