Middle East restaurant or cafe to open in UK, Australia, New Zealand

Middle East restaurants and cafes are set to open across the UK, New England and Australia in 2018, with many of the largest and most iconic to open by the end of the decade.

Ahead of the opening of Middle East Restaurants & Cafes in the UK in 2018 and the opening in 2018 of Middle Eastern Restaurants in New Zealand in 2019, the Middle East Restaurant Association (MRAG) said the restaurants would help boost tourism, boost local jobs and increase the number of Middle-Eastern visitors in the region.

The UK, which has been struggling to attract Middle Eastern travellers to its islands and ports, is in the process of closing the UK’s only remaining Middle Eastern restaurant, The Lizzie’s.

The Lizzies closed its doors in 2018 but have not returned to the UK as the owner is still awaiting permission to reopen in the country.MRAG president Yasser El-Aissami said the Middle Eastern restaurants and caf├ęs would allow people to explore the Middle-East, meet friends, and enjoy the rich cuisine.

“The restaurants and bars will allow people the opportunity to experience Middle-Euphrates cuisine and to feel like they’re not on the other side of the world, but in the middle of a vibrant region with a vibrant culture,” he said.

“These restaurants and hotels will open the doors of many new restaurants and restaurants and will be a great way for people to meet and feel like a part of Middle England.”

The Middle East Cafes will offer the Middle Arab and Palestinian community in England and Wales a unique opportunity to socialise, relax and connect, El- Aissami added.