A new fast-casual chain is coming to Los Angeles

The new fast casual restaurant chain, The Los Angeles Restaurant and Cafe, is coming soon to the Southland, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

The announcement comes after the chain’s Facebook post about opening its first Los Angeles location in May, which said the restaurant will serve authentic Vietnamese cuisine, including pho.

It also announced plans to expand the Los Angeles outpost to the East and West coasts.

The chain, which launched in September with an official menu and a website, has so far only had one LA location in its first year.

The L.A. location will be the first in Los Angeles.

The restaurant has already opened two other Los Angeles locations, but the location in Pasadena was the last of the chain to open a location.

A restaurant in Pasadena that opened in February has also since closed.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, The LA Restaurant and CafĂ© said that its opening day will be June 11, according with a link to the company’s Facebook site.

The Facebook post did not say when the restaurant would open in Los Angelas.

The LA Restaurant & Cafe, which was founded by a group of family and friends, has already expanded to the Southwest and West Coast.

In its announcement, The LAC Cafe said the new LA location will “serve traditional, authentic, Vietnamese dishes, including the most authentic pho.”