World’s Top 5 Restaurant Locations: 2015

A list of the world’s top 5 restaurant locations, ranked by their number of Michelin stars, in the United States, according to a new survey from the Travel & Leisure Association (TLA).

The survey, conducted by TripAdvisor, revealed that the top 5 most popular restaurants in the country were all located in Los Angeles.

The survey found that Los Angeles ranks as the #1 restaurant in the nation for its Michelin-starred dining facilities, and that Los Angelenos are a major draw for foreign tourists, who come to eat, drink and shop.

Here are the top 10 restaurant locations in the U.S. in 2015: 1.

LA Cerveceria Los Angeles 2.

The Bodega at The Hollywood Bowl 3.

The Golden Nugget, Los Angeles 4.

Bodegon’s at Hollywood Casino 5.

The El Rey Cantina 6.

The Los Angeles Cantina 7.

Alhambra Cantina, Los Angel, California 8.

El Rey Los Angeles 9.

The Cantina Los Angeles 10.

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