Why are Twin Peaks restaurants open late?

A restaurant chain in the Twin Peaks area is being sued for opening late.

In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, the restaurant owner claims he was unfairly forced to close Twin Peaks Restaurants restaurants on April 19.

“Plaintiff’s restaurants in Twin Peaks and other nearby locations are operated by an unlicensed franchisee, a franchisee that has not been licensed by the State of California for more than one year and that has been subject to numerous complaints from customers about food quality and service,” reads the complaint.

The complaint alleges the restaurants have been closed “at a time when the local population is expected to be more accustomed to late-night dining.”

The complaint also claims Twin Peaks has been in financial difficulty, which is why the company has taken matters into its own hands and closed the restaurants.

The lawsuit claims the franchisee’s business model “has resulted in Defendants’ failure to make timely and cost-effective changes to reduce the risk of foodborne illness and illness-related deaths.”

The lawsuit says Twin Peaks’ restaurant closures are “an affront to Plaintiff’s right to free speech and a serious threat to Plaintiffs ability to provide a safe, comfortable, and productive dining environment for the community.”

The company has yet to respond to The American Conservatives request for comment.

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