Which portsmouth restaurants are now open?

Portraits of portsters are on display in the dining hall of one of the restaurants in Port St. George.

The restaurant, the Tiki Bar, opened in June and is now open to the public.

A sign outside reads, “Tiki Bar will be open until 8pm tonight.”

Here’s what’s inside.

TikiBar (5/17) (Courtesy of Tiki Barbary) Tiki, a popular local cocktail that has been around for years, is a tropical twist on a traditional cocktail.

The drink is served in a tiki style of a Hawaiian coconut with pineapple, lemon and lime juice.

It’s a refreshing drink that can be had in a number of different ways, but one of our favorites is to serve it with fresh lemonade, lime juice and a tropical fruit twist.

A menu is available at Tiki Bars restaurants, and the drinks are usually $7-$10.

For those who want a taste of the island lifestyle, there’s a selection of tropical cocktails available at the bar.

Here are the main menu items at the Tika Bar: Blue Lagoon (3/4) (Flickr: Mark J. Terzis) This is a popular tropical cocktail that comes with pineapple and lemon.

It can be a good option for someone who likes a light, refreshing drink.

There are also other options, such as the Pina Colada, and this is the one that most people order.

This cocktail is also served in glassware, and it’s very easy to serve.

The blue Lagoon comes in a variety of flavors, from a lime lime to pineapple lime.

Tika Barbary (6/17).

(Flickr/Sophia Kohn) This tropical cocktail is served with pineapple.

Tixi Bar (6) (The Tiki House) (via Facebook) This Tiki bar serves drinks such as tequila, vodka, gin and rum, as well as tropical fruits and tropical cocktails.

It also has a full-service bar with seating for around 100.

It has a large selection of cocktails, but if you’re looking for a lighter option, try the Mojito or the Pineapple Mojito.

TikoBar (9/18) (Via TikiHouse) Tiko Barbary is a Hawaiian themed restaurant.

They’re located in the heart of Port St George.

They serve cocktails that are similar to a traditional bar, but with a tropical flavor.

They also offer drinks such the Piney Gin and the Panna Cotta.

Tapioca (8/17, 6/17): (Via tikibar) This drink is one of their most popular.

It comes with fresh pineapple and lime.

The pineapple comes with mango, pineapple and pineapple juice.

You can also get a pineapple shake.

If you’re a fan of pineapple, this is a good drink for a change.

They have a selection in pineapple flavors as well.

Tango Bar (7/17: via Facebook) Tango Barbary’s tropical cocktails are a little more adventurous.

They offer a cocktail called the Tango (pronounced “tango”) that is made with lime, pineapple, mango and pineapple.

The cocktails are also served with a pineapple and citrus twist.

You’ll also find a variety drinks with a twist on the flavors.

If that’s not enough, there are also tropical fruits available for purchase, such the Blue Lagana and Pina Cotta, which are both available in different flavors.

The Tango bar has a wide selection of drinks and is located in a renovated old brick building.

Tilt Kitchen (5:30pm-8pm): (via TiltBar) Tilt’s menu features a selection from the Tilt Bar, and they also have a patio.

It features a variety from the pineapple and coconut drink to the tequila and rum cocktail.

It usually has a selection for $7.50.

Tinted Window (7:30am-7:45pm): This is the spot for those who enjoy a drink on the patio and enjoy being outside.

There’s also a menu available for $8.

Tico’s (7-9pm): Tico is a Thai themed restaurant that serves food, drinks and live entertainment.

Tinto’s is also an excellent place for the drinks to go.

Tink (9-11pm): They also serve a menu for $12.

Tippler’s Bar and Grill (8-10pm): Their menu offers drinks that include pineapple, rum, pineapple juice and the popular Blue Laguna.

Tisaket is also a popular place for drinks.

The bar offers drinks like a cocktail and a drink with lime juice, lime, coconut, and pineapple that’s served in glasses.

They even have a pineapple juice option.

There is also wine, beer, and liquor available.

The menu is also available in both the pineapple flavor and lime flavors.

Port Royale (7pm-10:30): This pub is located near the Tic