When you’re in the restaurant business, keep an eye out for ‘dog friendly’ signs to help customers find the right place to eat

More than 100 restaurants and barber shops across the U.S. are using a new, “dog friendly” sign to tell diners that diners are welcome to bring dogs into their restaurants.

As the restaurant industry has seen a massive boom in recent years, the concept has become popular as a way to attract diners to visit with their pets.

The signs, which are displayed at many restaurants and bars, are meant to help diners make an informed decision when choosing a place to spend their evening.

The sign design, which is similar to one that the Department of Agriculture has installed at a number of national parks, includes a picture of a dog with a caption that reads, “Dogs welcome.”

It reads: “If you are a dog-friendly restaurant, you can bring your dog into your dining room or barber shop.

We are not responsible for any damage to your property.”

The signs are also meant to be simple to read, with the text “dog free” written in bold type.

They are also designed to help visitors find the restaurant, which can be difficult to find in some areas.

Some of the signs are even labeled with information on what they are for, such as “dog-friendly” or “no dog” and “no alcohol.”

Many restaurants have also posted their own versions of the “dog” and the “no beer” signs.

The U.K.’s Great Ormond Street Dogs are known for their playful demeanor and are the best-known dogs in the U: Their breed is named after Ormond St. in London.

Some restaurants have had their signs replaced with signs that have a more professional, friendly tone, but others have gone the extra mile to create a welcoming environment for their patrons.

The owner of the Savannah-based restaurant, Pancho’s Barbecue, has been using the “Dog Friendly” sign since its founding in 2014.

“We started out with one, but now we’ve got two.

We’ve got signs that say, ‘Dog Friendly’ on the bar, and ‘no alcohol’ on our sign.

They’re all in the same area,” Panchos Barbecue owner Panchoes Dwayne said.