What Happens when Disney Springs Goes Pop?

After years of declining attendance, Disneyland’s first new resort in almost three decades is finally taking shape.

The park opened last month, with more than a dozen new restaurants and shops set to open, including a new, $6.2 million-plus boutique hotel and upscale boutiques. 

Disney Springs opened to the public last October, with a limited number of special events including the premiere of “Finding Nemo: The Movie,” which drew over 40,000 guests, and the release of Disney’s “Frozen” spinoff.

But the park is currently operating at just over 1 million guests, which puts it in line with the 1.2-million-plus attendance of Disney World’s “Epcot” resort. 

In order to attract more guests to the park, Disney has opened a number of new hotels in the area. 

The most notable is the new Hotel Indigo in Hollywood, which opened this week and will soon house its own boutique hotel. 

“Disney Springs is a unique place in the world of Disney and Disney California Adventure, and we’re thrilled to bring it to life with this addition,” said Walt Disney Imagineering Director of Development and Development Programs Mark Kramarz in a statement. 

Hotel Indigo opened last week, and is the first new hotel in more than two years for Disney California Adventures. 

There are also several other new attractions in the works. 

A new attraction, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” is set to be introduced next week, featuring a scene from the film, with actors playing Newt Scamander, the titular wizard and a number other new characters. 

Also, there will be a new themed restaurant called “Tiny Hut,” which is scheduled to open this week, a brand-new restaurant, the “Hollywood Tavern,” is scheduled for June, and “Crazy Rich Asians” will debut in September. 

Meanwhile, the park will also debut the new “MagicBand,” a new interactive music and dance experience.

The new experience will include a music player, a music stage, a stage for performances and more. 

Other new attractions and entertainment include “The Princess and the Frog,” a ride that will bring back the iconic creature and his adventures from the Disney classic, “A Scary Movie” and a new animated show called “Catch the Throne.” 

Disney is also making a push into live-action shows and movies, including the forthcoming “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” 

There will also be a variety of entertainment for kids in the parks, with the park now offering a variety shows for kids ages 6 to 12. 

For a complete list of attractions, events and new attractions, visit Disney.com/Disney Springs. 

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