Patriots: We have an excellent relationship with the Raiders

We’re getting ready to kick off the new NFL season with the Oakland Raiders.

This team has been a staple of the NFL landscape for a long time, and the franchise that they’ve had for more than a decade now is poised to return to the top of the league.

The Raiders have made significant progress, winning consecutive Super Bowls and going 10-6.

The franchise has been the biggest beneficiary of the rise of the Internet.

Raiders fans can now watch all 32 regular-season games online, including the playoffs, on the NFL Network.

The only way to watch them in person is by visiting a team’s stadium, but the NFL is rolling out a new way for fans to get a look at the team’s schedule.

The Raiders have the best TV market in the league, and fans will be able to watch every home game on television at a reasonable price.

The NFL has partnered with ESPN, who have the right to sell its own games to viewers.

The new deal also includes the Raiders getting the right for exclusive rights to broadcast the Super Bowl on ABC.

The deal is worth $1.25 billion per year, per ESPN.

This deal is the culmination of a long-term collaboration between the NFL and ESPN, and is one of many efforts to expand the NFL’s reach beyond the U.S. The league has invested $5 billion in television, and has a long history of making the most of its local broadcast rights.

The partnership with ESPN is the latest step in the direction the league is taking to grow its reach in other markets.

It is the third such deal the NFL has announced this year.

In addition to the Raiders, the league announced a deal with the New England Patriots to broadcast two Super Bowl games in 2018.

The Patriots also have a partnership with Fox Sports that will see the Patriots broadcast at least four Super Bowl matchups this season.