How to make your favorite pizza crust taste like a chicken

Restaurants around the country are using a new method to create chicken-inspired crusts that taste like the real thing.

It’s a process that requires baking in a kitchen with a chicken coop and some elbow grease.

It’s not new, but there are a few new steps, including using the right flour, baking it in a skillet, and then adding butter to give the crust a nice crusty, chewy texture.

Here are the steps to get started.1.

Get a chicken.

You can buy a pre-cut chicken, but we like the way our friends at The Chicken Hut in Phoenix, Arizona, do it.

It takes about four hours to cut a chicken, and it’s cheaper than the usual chicken cuts.

It comes with a bunch of different cuts, but the most popular is a thigh, because it has more meat than a thigh.

Cut it up, put it in your oven, and roast.2.

Cook it in the oven.

Make sure the oven’s on low, so that the crust doesn’t brown too quickly.

Then, put the chicken in the skillet and cook it on the stovetop.

Cook for about two minutes.

Remove from the heat.3.

Add butter.

If you’re using a precut chicken (we use ours), put the butter in the pan and stir the butter over medium-high heat.

If using a cut, put that cut in the hot pan and cook until it’s golden brown, then transfer it to a cutting board.4.

Make the sauce.

In a large bowl, add the lemon juice, sugar, salt, and pepper.

Stir together until smooth.

Add the chicken and stir it together until everything is coated.5.

Pour it all over the chicken.

Sprinkle with the pepper and serve.

You might even need to add some more salt and pepper to taste.6.

Eat it.

This pizza crust is a little different than the regular chicken crusts you’ll find at pizza shops, because the chicken’s already cooked.

Just a bit of sauce helps with that.

You can also try making it with your own ingredients.

We like to add a few toppings, like cheese, peppers, and other herbs, to the chicken, then top it with the pizza crust and top with fresh herbs.

But if you’re a fan of a little crunch, this is a good way to go.

It will taste amazing on your favorite slice of pizza.