How to buy the best food in the world

Food is cheap in many countries, but how do you make the most of it?

If you’ve never tried eating at a restaurant, you probably think you’d need to go to a huge, pricey restaurant.

But that’s not always true.

In fact, there are lots of cheap places to eat and lots of really good places to go.

The food we all love is all part of a complex web of relationships that’s been building up over centuries, and we’re all going to need to adapt.

Here’s a guide to the food that’s worth eating.


The Mediterranean: The best of all worlds A Mediterranean restaurant can be anywhere from a small, intimate space to a sprawling banquet hall, but it’s the best of them all.

The best food comes from all over the Mediterranean, from small farms in Greece and Spain to big, expensive restaurants in France, Italy and Turkey.

All of the dishes are delicious and the people are friendly.

Find out more about the best restaurants in the Mediterranean.


Burgers: Where’s the fun in it?

Whether you’re trying to relax or work out, burgers are always a good way to kick back and have a good time.

These are the meatiest, most tender burgers you’ll ever have and they’re great for a long day out.

The burger is served with a side of fries or chips, so it’s a great lunch for all ages.

Find more of the best burgers in Europe and around the world.


Baked beans: A healthy, satisfying breakfast, but without the guilt or fuss The world of baked beans is changing and that’s why we’re bringing you our best recipes for making them.

These recipes include breakfast beans, pastries, savoury pastries and so much more.

You’ll find loads of healthy alternatives, too, like the traditional savourier ones you can find in the UK, France and other parts of Europe.

Find our best breakfast beans recipe guide.


The Middle East: the best place to eat for a few days and a good night Out of the Middle East, we think the best places to be when you’re visiting are in Syria and Iraq, both of which are in the Middle Eastern war zone.

But it’s not just the conflict that makes the Middle-East so fun.

A great meal with a little adventure and a little shopping can be the perfect escape for any date night or any holiday.

Find the best Middle-Eastern restaurants in Europe.


The South: where to eat in the most luxurious style of dining When it comes to eating out, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful dining room, right?

But while a restaurant in the country where you’re staying might be a little bit pricier than one in the city, there will be plenty of great value here, with some of the finest food you’ll find anywhere.

Find a perfect restaurant to go for a night out or to go with a group of friends.

Find all the best South American restaurants in Brussels and other EU cities.


Seafood: the most versatile food The best way to prepare a dish is to find out what you’re going to cook it with.

We’ve listed some of our favourite dishes that you can enjoy for a couple of days in a hotel kitchen, or in a restaurant where you’ll be eating alone.

Find seafood at your heart’s content, with our guide to seafood in the EU and beyond.


The world’s best fish restaurants: the world’s biggest, richest fish farms and restaurants The biggest fish farms in the whole world are located in the Faroe Islands, but they’re also home to some of Europe’s best restaurants.

There are many great seafood restaurants around the Faroes, including one of the world´s best, in the town of Tørshavn.

Find restaurants in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Faroese islands.


A beautiful meal in the woods: how to make a good meal in a beautiful place The most romantic dining is always in a wood, but you can’t always count on one.

If you’re looking for a lovely place to go out and have an incredible time, look no further than your local woods.

Find great wood-based places in the region, from lovely lakes and ponds to spectacular landscapes.


The ultimate in vegan comfort food: where you can cook your own vegan meal Whether you like your food to be low in fat and high in protein, vegan or vegetarian, you can do it in comfort.

Find recipes to satisfy all of your veggie and meat-eaters needs, with recipes for dishes like a hearty veggie soup, a vegan risotto or a healthy meat-free pizza.

Find vegan and vegetarian restaurants around Europe and the world, and see how they cook their food.


The perfect date night: a meal for all time: an easy night out in a cozy cafe, or a beautiful day out in the forest