A new restaurant in Salt Bae Park in Orange County: ‘Taco’s’ restaurant has a new name and a new concept

Restaurant owner Tom Lee said the change in concept is a direct result of the recent wildfires that devastated the region.

He said he’s planning to open his first restaurant at the park next month.

“It’s been pretty rough,” Lee said.

“We have been kind of burnt out and just kind of on edge and we’re hoping we can bounce back.”

Lee has owned Taco’s restaurant for nearly three years.

His family is planning to move the restaurant to Salt Bax, an Orange County neighborhood about 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of Los Angeles.

Lee said he hopes to open the restaurant by the end of March.

In December, fire swept through the park, destroying about 80 percent of the land and causing $6 million in damages.

It destroyed more than 1,200 structures, including more than a dozen homes.

Firefighters and state and local officials from several agencies battled the blaze in an effort to contain the fires.