When to avoid Fort Collins, CO: The guide

The Denver Post is reporting that the city is looking into a plan to ban all beef products from its main grocery store and two grocery stores in the surrounding areas, and it would prohibit certain meat products from being sold in restaurants.

The city is also proposing a ban on salt and pepper sales in restaurants and a ban of all packaged products from the grocery store.

Fort Collins Mayor Mike Hancock has called the measures “proactive” in response to the drought, which has been blamed on climate change and climate-related changes in the region. 

The Fort Collins Business Journal reports that the ban would cover only meat products and would be effective as of December 1.

The ban would also ban the sale of salt and “pepper” on the Fort Collins Food Bank.

The Fort Collins Gazette reports that there is some concern that the measure could also affect small- and medium-size businesses. 

While the city’s proposal has been met with concern, some city officials have expressed support for the proposal.

The Post reports that “officials and business owners said they were concerned about what the city would do if people complained.” 

The Gazette adds that city officials are also considering a ban similar to the one passed in California last year, but this one would apply only to meat products. 

In addition to banning meat products, the ban will prohibit the sale and distribution of salt, pepper, and other spices in food, and all products from any of the city or local businesses.

It also bans the use of all artificial coloring or flavoring in food. 

One area where the ban could be an issue is the use and sale of condiments in food and beverages.

The Colorado Post reports the city of Fort Collins has asked the Colorado Liquor Control Commission to investigate whether certain condiments can be made into flavored products and whether they may violate state and local law.