When the restaurant owner’s name starts with a ‘C’ restaurant in Birmingham, she says ‘it’s the worst part of my life’

The owner of a Birmingham restaurant was fired after she started naming her restaurants with capital letters.

Angela Dibb is the founder of the Birmingham Restaurants & Bars Association, which was created in 2003.

The association’s board recently approved a resolution to name all of its restaurants after Alabama’s governor, who was a Democrat when he was elected in 2006.

The board voted 2-1 to adopt the resolution, which had been approved by the council.

The resolution said: “The Birmingham Restaurant Association supports a new, unified and more inclusive code of conduct that aims to enhance our businesses and provide an environment that supports all of our residents, and that promotes a diverse, inclusive and inclusive society.”

But Dibbs said that’s not what she wants her restaurants to stand for.

She said she wanted to name her restaurants after her two sons and her husband.

She and her family run four restaurants in the Birmingham area.

One of those is called the Tuxedo Inn, and the other is called The Blue Ox.

They both serve traditional American food and don’t have a wait staff, Dibs said.

She has tried to stay on top of changing restaurant rules, she said.

She said she had a wait in front of the Blue Ox for about a week.

She added that she had to get permission to change her name from The Blue Tux to The Blue Pajamas because it would create confusion with her other restaurants.

The Tux was closed in August 2017, and The Blue Pig closed in June 2018.

She’s also been criticized for having the name “Tuxedo” on her website.

She says she’s not trying to be a hipster.

Dibbs says that’s just how she’s been called.

She told The Associated Press in an email that she does not want to use the term because it implies a certain lifestyle, and her name is an insult to all those who live in Birmingham and are discriminated against because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability.

She also said that some restaurants have tried to use her name as a branding tool to attract customers.

Dumbass owners are everywhere, she told The AP.

I’ve been a black woman, a lesbian, a transgendered person and a disabled person.

And that’s why I do what I do.