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Restaurants across the state are offering their guests a gluten-free menu and offering gluten-safe options.

While there are still some restaurants that offer both a gluten free and gluten-friendly menu, it’s become a much more common sight in recent months.

“We’re seeing a lot more and a lot of restaurants are offering gluten free,” said Dr. Shimon Peres, medical director at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“We’ve seen a lot, and we’ve seen people who’ve been coming here for years coming to see us, but they don’t know where to go or how to eat their food.”

The restaurants are often offering a variety of options, such as salads, soups and sandwiches, with the options being all gluten free.

There are many restaurants in Phoenix that offer a gluten based menu, but many of them are catering specifically to people with celiac disease.

“It’s very popular among people with Celiac Disease, and it’s a very popular way to eat,” said Peres.

In addition, many restaurants also offer a range of gluten-rich options, including pastas and soups, as well as a wide range of sandwiches and wraps.

Some restaurants offer a limited gluten-filled menu, while others have a more general menu, including gluten free salads, pizza, and even pasta.

The trend has caught on in the restaurant industry, too.

“The restaurant industry has really started to recognize the need to offer gluten-less and gluten free options, and they’re starting to do it more often and more prominently,” said Meir Tzedek, executive director of the American Restaurant Association.

Some of the companies that have taken notice are the ones that serve traditional Israeli food.

A gluten free version of the chicken and egg soup from the Kishon restaurant chain is available at several of the Israeli restaurants, including Yossef, the first Israeli restaurant to serve the dish.

The new gluten-only menu trend has gained popularity in the U.S., too.

In 2015, the Washington Post published an article about a man who was diagnosed with celiitis after dining at a restaurant that only served gluten-laden sandwiches.

“It’s really hard to imagine going back to an old-fashioned Israeli meal if you’re eating a restaurant menu that doesn’t have a gluten option,” said Tzedeb.

“You might feel guilty about it and be like, ‘You can’t eat my food, but you can have the other food,'” said Tedeb.

The man, who is currently in remission from the disease, told the Post that he was happy to try the new menu options.

“When I started going to restaurants, I didn’t want to eat any of their traditional Israeli meals, and I thought, ‘If this is what I’m eating, I’m going to go back to my old diet,'” he said.

“I think this is the right thing to do, and to do so with a full plate of healthy food.”