How to celebrate chilises with chilidar

The chiliza is a traditional dish in Colombia, served in a traditional Colombian dish, chilisa, made from a combination of chilizados, peppers, and onions.

The chilise is often cooked in a hot oil and the onions are then sautéed.

It is usually served with a spicy salsa, usually made from corn, beans, or cilantro.

Chilis are typically served on top of corn tortillas, as well as on a corn tortilla.

The chili is typically served with rice and beans.

The recipe is easy to make and takes a little time, so you can get your chilisi done ahead of time.

To make the chilista, peel the chilaquiles.

Cut the peppers in half lengthwise.

Add the chili peppers, onions, and corn to a large skillet.

Heat over medium-high heat until the onions start to brown.

Add a little water and cook until the chile peppers start to turn golden.

Add in the rice and the beans and stir until everything is heated through.

You can adjust the heat to your liking.

Serve the chiltas with rice, salsa, or tortillas.

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