‘Canned’ atlantans’ restaurant chain gets its own reality show

Canned atlants is opening its own television show, “The Cantina,” and plans to host “a weekly food and beverage show that will be hosted by local chefs,” the company announced on Thursday.

The show will premiere at the end of September, and it will also be available on Hulu, Amazon and Apple TV.

The new show will feature local chefs and foodies from across the region, and will feature recipes and entertainment as well.

“This will be the first time in Cantina’s history that we are offering a cooking show,” Canned Atlants executive chef and founder, David Schramm, told The Associated Press.

“We will have a full-time production team that will create the show and it’s going to be the most ambitious cooking show in Cantinys history.”

The show’s first episode will be produced by Schrams culinary team.

“I am so excited for our audience to see how we bring this to life,” Schramt said.

“It’s going really well and it has really been a great fit for us.”

The Cantina is the latest of many Cantinians to open a restaurant in a new way.

“My dad used to drive me all over the country,” Ceren Atlant, the show’s star and creator, told the AP.

“He would bring me a box of meatballs, a box or two of hamburgers and he would bring out a bottle of wine.

He would tell me to go and buy a beer or two, but I was a little bit young.

So he brought me to the United States, the food was good, the weather was good and I just got really into it.”

Atlantes restaurant chain also announced it was buying a small parcel of land on the South Side of Atlanta for its new headquarters.

The company, which has more than 100 restaurants in North and South America, said it will be building a new location on the corner of Georgia and Georgia Avenue, where it plans to build its first headquarters.

“Our goal with the project is to be able to open the doors of our first facility in Atlanta in 2020,” Atlante said in a news release.

“The new location will be built on a large parcel of real estate that was previously used as a landfill.”

Ceren and her husband David, who runs the restaurant chain, said the company plans to open three additional locations in the coming years.