Why I ate at Casablanca on a Monday

The Casablancas restaurant, the first American restaurant to open in Mexico, has had an illustrious career.

For many years it was the only American restaurant in the country, serving the best of Mexican cuisine. 

Today, the Casablán restaurant has expanded to serve all of the region’s cuisines and has become a beacon for Mexicans who want to taste authentic Mexican food. 

For those of us who have been eating Mexican food in the US for years, we’ve seen the changes that have occurred over the years. 

In Mexico, we see the evolution of Mexican food through various restaurants, like the original Casablans Mexican Grill, which opened in 1983 in the heart of downtown Mexico City. 

Now we’re witnessing a new trend that we have never seen before. 

Recently, I was fortunate enough to sample a few Casablanes restaurants on my way to Mexico City from New York. 

I’ve been fortunate enough over the past three years to sample over a dozen Mexican restaurants, but I’ve never seen Casablanos restaurant. 

Casablancos restaurant was always the most authentic restaurant in town. 

It was my first taste of Mexican-American food, and I was hooked. 

The food was so delicious.

The atmosphere was cozy, inviting, and the atmosphere itself was welcoming. 

This restaurant is one of the few that I will return to. 

As a lifelong Mexican, I am not a fan of the American style of Mexican cooking. 

My taste in Mexican cuisine is much more rooted in American style restaurants and is a little more “authentic” than what you find in the rest of the world. 

But it has been a while since I’ve had authentic Mexican cuisine at Casbahlan, and now I have the opportunity to experience authentic Mexican-Mexican food again. 

When you think about authentic Mexican restaurants in the United States, Casablanco is one. 

So I decided to try it out. 

What I loved about this restaurant was the service.

The staff was attentive and helpful. 

There were many guests in the restaurant and they helped each other. 

Although Casablan’s restaurant was a bit different from the others, it was still a great experience. 

They also gave us samples of their famous rice and beans and they even gave us a sample of their signature pork belly tacos. 

A few years ago, I got to try the authentic version of the pork belly taco and it was pretty darn good. 

One of the main points of the restaurant was that the pork was seasoned well. 

You can’t beat that! 

The pork belly was cooked and seasoned well, but the sauce was not. 

Instead, it looked very bland and lacked flavor. 

Despite the quality of the food, the owner had a bit of a bad attitude. 

He always seemed to be looking for compliments on the restaurant.

So when I asked about the quality, he said that it was okay. 

At Casablanch, I tried my first pork belly tres leches. 

After enjoying a bit, I asked him to take a bite and said, “It was pretty good!” 

That got the attention of the chef, who asked for my number and sent me a text. 

Later, the chef showed me the menu and asked if I wanted a sample. 

While I was happy to have a chance to try out a tasty pork belly, I had reservations for the tacos.

He gave me a sample and I happily accepted. 

Both tacos came with a generous helping of beans and pork. 

Not only did I love the taste of beans, but they were also really tasty. 

To top it off, they were seasoned with some kind of marinade. 

Of course, there was some marinadro. 

On the outside, they looked delicious. 

Inside, however, the meat was brown and the beans were mushy. 

However, it didn’t matter. 

If the beans tasted good, the pork tasted good.

They were both very good.