Which restaurants in Australia have the best burgers?

I am a huge fan of burgers, and have been eating them for years.

But when I think about what it would be like to eat one myself, the results are surprisingly different.

The burger I’ve been eating most recently, from Sausage Burger in Melbourne, is one of my favourite burgers of all time.

It is a simple, hearty burger, topped with a generous slice of sausage and a tasty smoky tomato sauce.

When you dig deep into the ingredients and think about the flavour, you realise the secret to it’s success is in the bun.

The bun is the meat and cheese, then it is the sauce.

There are no ingredients to be sacrificed here.

That is because the bun is what makes a good burger, whether it’s cooked in a bun with a bun patty or simply in a sandwich.

When it comes to a burger, a burger bun is nothing short of perfection.

The beef is pulled, the patty is cooked and then the meat is sliced.

You get the perfect combination of flavour, texture and fat to create a perfect burger.

I like to think that the secret of Sausages success lies in the way it’s made.

It’s a classic, well-known burger made with ground beef and a sausage.

A good burger is not only delicious but also easy to make.

The best burger I know of has the meat removed, then sliced, cooked and served with a tasty sauce.

I also love that you can make your own bun.

You can buy some cheap ingredients from a restaurant, or buy some extra ones from a butcher.

You just have to cook them well, and then cook them for a good 30 minutes.

The sauce is optional, but I like it.

It adds a nice creamy texture and the perfect texture for a burger.

It gives the burger a crunchy, chewy texture and gives it a lovely smoky flavour.

If you make your burger at home, make sure to cook the meat first.

That’s what makes it so easy.

And it doesn’t hurt that Sausations burgers are really good too.

I’ve made the best Sausation burger Ive ever had, and you can do the same.