Which Pho restaurant in Chicago is the best?

In Chicago, Pho is the most popular noodle dish in the city, but the other noodle dishes are not quite as popular.

According to the Food Network’s ranking of restaurants with the best pho in the U.S., Twin Peaks is the top pick.

The restaurant, which was opened in 2015 by Pho lover and actor John Travolta, is in the same building as a former pizza parlor called Twin Peaks, and is now owned by chef John C. Mancuso.

“We just love Twin Peaks,” Mancueto told the New York Times.

“We’re not doing a pizza parlour or a restaurant.

We’re not catering to anyone.

We do everything in our own way, but we are the Twin Peaks of pho.”

Mancusueto, who serves at the restaurant as a full-time chef, has been working at Twin Peaks for the last year and a half.

He and his wife, Kelly, are a couple of Pho lovers, and they decided to open the restaurant in 2017, Mancosueto said.

Pho is a noodle soup made of beef broth, rice and vegetables.

A Pho eater at Twin Peak.

In addition to Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks restaurant, Twin Peaks Pho also serves a Vietnamese restaurant called Tieu Viet, and Twin Peak Thai Restaurant.

Tieu Viet Pho in Chicago, which is located in a former pizzeria.

It’s also a popular pho joint in Chicago.

For its location in Chicago’s Chinatown, Twin Peak is rated number four in Chicago and number one in the country.

With Twin Peaks as its flagship, Twin Falls Pho has a large fan base.

It’s also one of the first Vietnamese restaurants to open in the United States, and it’s one of just three Vietnamese restaurants in Chicago to be ranked number one on the National Restaurant Association’s Best Pho rankings.

“When I first started, we had no business,” said Pho fan and owner John C Mancuzio.

“Now, we have a few more fans and more customers and I think it’s just grown in popularity.

I think Twin Peaks was the perfect time to open up the restaurant because I feel it’s going to be a little bit more than just a restaurant and I’m not sure that I could get to that level of popularity.”

We want to have that authenticity. “

I think it is going to have a different vibe than other pho places in the area.

We want to have that authenticity.

It will be more of a celebration of what Pho was all about.”

Pho lovers in Chicago can also eat in Chicago from Twin Peaks.

On the other hand, Phon and Tieu Vu are two of the most traditional Vietnamese restaurants.

Both restaurants are in Chinatown.