When I was a kid, I ate ice cream from a restaurant

The first time I had ice cream was when I was 12.

When I went to Disneyland, I went with my friends and they bought us the best ice cream and we had to eat it on the ride.

We got really hungry and we started to eat and get really full.

We did this really bad eating and then I was eating the ice cream.

I was really into it and I loved the flavors and the flavors were so good, and I was just obsessed.

I went home and started to make my own ice cream for myself.

I’ve been making my own cream for over 20 years.

My ice cream is really rich and rich and creamy, but I also love the flavor of vanilla, cream and milk.

My favorite ice cream flavor is almond and vanilla.

I have tried so many different flavors, but the vanilla is the best.

I’ve been in the business for 20 years and my flavors have grown.

I’m really happy I do it because it’s fun.

I do the whole ice cream, but then I add a lot of other things in, like cream cheese and yogurt.

I make my ice cream in the summer, and then when the season is cold I make it in the winter.

I don’t know what my next flavor will be.

I hope that one will be better than this one, but you can always ask me.

I’m a big fan of almond and I’m glad I was able to learn about almond ice cream while doing this.