Restaurant owners protest Trump’s immigration policy

Restaurants in New York City, Chicago and Atlanta are refusing to serve Mexican food.

And they’re calling for a boycott.

According to the National Restaurant Association, more than 1,400 restaurants have signed a letter asking the Trump administration to reverse President Donald Trump’s new immigration policy.

“We are not endorsing the new executive order,” said NRA President and CEO Linda Sarsour, who added that the group is “working to educate and empower our members to make the most of our restaurant business.”NRA members are also asking the federal government to rescind the travel ban that Trump signed in March and rescind a temporary ban on all immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Sarsour is also calling for an end to Trump’s executive order that bars Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. and bans people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

“This executive order is discriminatory, unlawful and unjust,” she said.

“We cannot stand by while it is implemented.”

Numerous cities, including New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Boston, have already passed resolutions calling for boycotts.NRA spokeswoman Stephanie Zabronis said in a statement that restaurants “can no longer afford to feed a population that will likely become a majority of the U of M population.”

The National Restaurant Owners Association, which represents more than 20,000 restaurant owners, has also joined the letter.

The group is asking the government to “refrain from enforcing the order, and instead continue to encourage our restaurants to remain open and to welcome and serve all who want to visit our country,” according to the statement.

Zabroni also said that restaurants have been “trying to get out of the business” by not serving food to refugees, which is “unconscionable” and “an unfair, discriminatory and anti-immigrant order.”

The New York Post reports that many restaurant owners are also saying they have received threats from people claiming to be part of ISIS.

“The most common claim is that I support ISIS,” said Anthony Martinez, owner of Bolognese at La Feria in New Orleans, according to The Post.

“I can’t even explain that to my staff.”

Martinez also said he has had to temporarily close his restaurant, which he runs with his wife, because of the backlash from the order.

“I’m a businessman, and I know how to be business savvy,” he told the Post.