How to tell if a restaurant is a San Diego restaurant or not?

San Diego, CA — It’s a place where it feels like there are many different kinds of restaurants, some of which are just a bit different from the rest. 

But what about if you want to know if a San Francisco restaurant is the kind you want?

We decided to try to answer that question by digging into a new tool that’s made from the minds of chefs, foodies and other culinary experts. 

The tool is called the Restaurant Industry Map.

The map, which we’ve published on its website, is based on the data from a survey that asked over the last three years. 

So what’s so special about the survey?

Restaurants surveyed over 3,000 San Diegans. 

What did the survey ask about?

The survey asked respondents to rank the restaurants in terms of the number of restaurants that they had visited in the past week.

The survey also asked them about the overall food environment, which was used to determine the rankings. 

Who was surveyed?

The survey covered all types of restaurants in San Diego.

Restaurants with more than 50 locations were included.

Restaurations with fewer than 50 were not included in the survey.

Restaurances with fewer locations were excluded because they had fewer than 10 restaurants in their area. 

Did Restaurants make a list of the top restaurants?


What kind of food is on the list?

It includes a wide variety of food that is considered “healthy” in San Francisco, according to the survey data. 

Does the map show a list with restaurants in the San Diego area?

Yes, the map does.

What kinds of food are on the map?

The map shows a list showing the top 20 “healthy options” that had found.

The list included: Pork Belly, Coconut Chicken, Baked Beans, Honey Dipped Tofu, Chicken Noodle Soup, Pollo Bistro Tacos, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Vegetarian, Fiesta Tacos. 

How can I tell if the food in the map is safe?

Restaurations can take certain precautions to make sure their food is safe for consumption.

For example, they should not allow guests to bring their own utensils.

They should use an open dish, preferably a non-stick one.

They also should not use utensil handles or utensile utensiles, such as a fork, knife, spoon, or utz.

Restaurant employees should not be in the same room as the customers. 

For more information on the survey and the restaurant industry map, check out the infographic below: