How to find the perfect restaurant for your next bash

If you want to find out how to make the perfect dinner party, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s our guide to the best places to go to for dinner, and a few of the things to look out for when you’re there.

Read more 1/6 Food for the road If you’ve got a bit of time to kill on the weekend, and your budget is tight, it’s a great idea to make a few trips to the supermarket to stock up on what you’ll need to cook and eat.

These can include frozen dinners, baked goods and takeaway options.

We recommend a few things to keep in mind: The best places for takeaway food are usually supermarkets, so you’ll be able to buy everything from salads and rice to pasta and pasta sauces.

2/6 Breakfast options There are a few places that offer breakfast options.

If you’re keen on your meals to be a bit more traditional, try a traditional breakfast at a traditional restaurant.

These are typically more economical, and will have some of the classics such as eggs, bacon, toast and sausage as part of the menu.

3/6 The perfect weekend meal If you love brunch, a trip to the pub is the perfect way to make up for the lost time.

The best thing about brunch is that it can be shared, so a group can enjoy their food with friends, rather than just their own.

If it’s too busy, a meal can be ordered at home.

A great brunch option is a traditional or barbeque, which includes eggs, toast, cheese and bacon on a Sunday or a Wednesday.

4/6 Your own favourite dish These are the things that make the weekend so much more enjoyable.

Whether it’s the right recipe for your own taste buds, or a dish you’re really fond of, these can be enjoyed with a group of friends, or in the comfort of your own home.

5/6 Shopping in the city If you live in the capital, there’s a wealth of shopping options.

While you can shop in the CBD, the wider city is the best bet if you’re looking for something special.

For example, if you want a bit less of the urban shopping, there are a number of great shops in the wider CBD such as the iconic Woolworths.

There are also plenty of good supermarkets to stock with a range of great food, so it’s always worth making your way to one if you can.

Read the full list of supermarkets in Melbourne below.

6/6 Get creative with food and drinks If you don’t mind splurging, then there are plenty of great dining options to choose from.

There’s plenty to choose, from fine dining and traditional to casual and hip.

Try a mix of the two to make sure you have something special to offer, or you could opt for a cocktail instead of a brunch.

Check out our guide for some great places to try in the suburbs below.

1/4 Food for work and socialising If you are at home, your lunch break should probably be spent cooking and enjoying a meal.

The main thing to keep is a small amount of money in your pocket.

A small amount to buy something to go out and buy, or maybe a bit to go home and spend the day with your partner or partner’s partner.

2 /4 The perfect evening snack If you like to eat something with a little more depth and flavour, then a night snack is definitely a good idea.

The things to think about when dining out are your favourites, whether they’re sandwiches, pasta or meat dishes.

Make sure to add something to each meal to keep things interesting.

3 / 4 The perfect afternoon snack It’s a good way to get your creative juices flowing, as you can eat a whole range of food while listening to music, or watching a film.

Make your choice as you eat.

Try something like a grilled cheese, a banana pudding or a burger.

4 / 4 Try your own favourite meal While it’s tempting to go for something simple and straightforward, you’ll find it’s best to go with something that has a little something special going for it.

There will be a lot of delicious things to try, so make sure to try some of them.

Try to find something that suits your taste buds.

Read our full guide to great meals in Melbourne above.

1 /4 Food on the go The best way to eat out is to have a bag or a tray in your bag, so your dinner is always ready when you need it.

However, when it comes to your breakfast, you can make an easy breakfast from a sandwich or a bag of chips, or even a breakfast sandwich.

A salad is also great for lunch.


What to expect when you go to a dinner party?

A dinner party can be a great way to spend time together, especially if you are in a close relationship.

However you plan to have your own meal, it is important to remember to plan for a social time.

Here are some things