American restaurant to serve Pho and Take Out meals in Israel

The owner of a Pho restaurant in Tel Aviv has announced plans to open a second Pho spot in the city.

Sidi Cohen is co-owner of The Pho House and a former owner of Kaleo, the popular Pho joint in Tel-Aviv.

The Pho house is slated to open its doors on June 5.

Cohen said he has not yet decided on the exact location, but he hopes to open in the area that was occupied by the Israeli Defense Forces in 1967.

The first Pho location, located on the corner of Tal and Shimon streets, was demolished in 2008.

Cohen, who lives in the same building, said he did not have any plans to rebuild the building, but that the new Pho space would have an open kitchen, a bar, a patio, a seating area and a seating lounge.

He said the restaurant is a joint venture with the Jewish community in Tel Aviv.

Cohen said he would need to convince the Israeli government to allow him to open the new restaurant, as he was not given permission to do so by the government.

He said that his restaurant would serve the Pho community, but also serve the neighborhood.

“We are not going to be a stand-alone business, but will serve the community in a joint manner,” he said.

The owner of the Phobias Pho, Sidi Cohen, has been preparing for the opening of his restaurant for some time.

“The Phobies Pho is not a restaurant that will serve everyone,” he explained.

“But it will serve a large number of people.

If we are able to get a license in Israel, we will be able to serve more than 20,000 people in the next four years.”

In a video he posted on Facebook on June 8, Cohen described the Phobos Pho as a place where “everybody has an equal chance of finding a meal and an equal opportunity of enjoying it.”

He said the Phobo House will offer Pho-style food, including pho and pho soup, and Pho sandwiches.

He added that the Phocos Pho menu would be more inclusive than the Phophos Phos Phobos.

“There will be more options for the average Tel Aviver to choose from.

And there will be a place for everyone to be able enjoy their food,” Cohen said.”

Phobias has the ambition to provide a place of equality, a place to share food, and a place that everybody has an opportunity to enjoy,” he added.

Cohelson said that the business will be based in the Jewish neighborhood of Beit El, which is home to about 60,000 Jewish residents.

He also added that he plans to offer Phobis Phobios, a dish made of pork and vegetables that is served at the restaurant.

The restaurant’s Facebook page said that they have received several offers from Israeli and foreign investors.

“We are open to all people.

We want to open this place in the middle of Tel Aviv,” Cohen added.”

I know that there are plenty of people who want to invest here.

I’m sure there are others who are waiting for us to open.

We will be open in June.

If the government allows us to do it, we should be able open in September,” Cohen wrote.