What to expect at the new city island restaurants in Los Angeles

Restaurants that open in Los Angeles will be a mix of classic and modern fare, with diners expected to be served up a range of cuisines including Cuban, Italian, Indian and Thai, with a dash of everything in between.

There will be no traditional street food, though, and diners can expect to enjoy local and imported ingredients and services.

Restaurants opening in the new zone will have the added bonus of being able to serve alcohol.

There are plans to expand the food and beverage options to include a wine bar, a bar and a cocktail bar, with plans for more outlets to open in the future.

The new city islands will also be a destination for business, with an emphasis on restaurants that cater to a range for both casual and more serious guests.

One of the areas that will be popular is the city islands of Santa Ana, CaƱon City, Orange and San Bernardino.

It is believed the restaurants will also open in Las Vegas.

The area around the island of Puebla will also get a new look with a revamped shopping centre and new hotels.

The plan for the new zones is to make them “innovative, fun and unique”, with new eateries opening around the world, said Mr Chilton.

“It’s a real opportunity for us to build our brand internationally,” he said.

“We’ve got the right people in place and we’re excited about what’s ahead.”

The new area, dubbed “Los Angeles City Island”, will be home to around 600 restaurants, including the newly-launched La Calabaza restaurant chain.

Photo: Getty Images Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has welcomed the new restaurants, saying they will provide a “superior alternative” to the more traditional food chains of the city.

“The new zones are not the same as the traditional food chain restaurants,” he told the ABC.

“They will serve an innovative, fun, innovative experience for the people of Los Angeles.”

The city of Los Angles will also launch a new city restaurant chain, which Mr Garcetti said will cater for “the unique needs of a younger generation”.

It will be called Los Angeles City Restaurants.