‘Restaurant’ opens in Sydney’s north-west

A restaurant chain is opening in Sydney, aiming to bring back the Persian restaurant tradition to Australia.

The restaurant will be based in a strip mall in the heart of the city’s CBD.

Owner and CEO of the restaurant, Mohammad Mamdani, said it was not an ethnic restaurant but a mix of traditional Iranian cuisine, Indian and African flavours.

“The main thing is that it’s very traditional, and it’s the same thing we have in the US,” he said.

“[We] will take it to a new level.”

Mr Mamdini said the new restaurant would offer a new experience to patrons who had never experienced Persian food before.

His aim was to open a restaurant that would cater to all tastes.

He said he was looking to open two restaurants in Sydney within three years.

A number of Persian restaurants have been opened in Australia, including in Melbourne and Perth.

In May, the first Persian restaurant in Australia opened in Brisbane, with owner Ali Kheri saying he hoped the experience would be a model for others to follow.

But, while Mr Mamdami said he wanted to offer a more traditional Persian experience, he acknowledged it was a tough sell in Sydney.

There was only one other Persian restaurant on the ground floor of a house in the CBD, and the owner of the house was very unhappy about the decision.

“The owners said, ‘why don’t we have another Persian restaurant?’ and we said, no, we want to stay here in the middle of the CBD,” he told ABC Radio Sydney.

“And so, we decided that the place should be a restaurant, and so that’s what we’re doing.”

While Mr Mambidi said he would not want to compete with other Persian restaurants, he said there was an opportunity for his franchisee to be a successful one.

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